GTI-Specter Kit
GTI-Specter reagent kit is designed for a simultaneous detection of IgG of the blood-borne infections in human serum or plasma: syphilis (Treponema pallidum), Нepatitis C virus (HCV), HIV Infection (HIV 1/2), Hepatitis В virus (HBsAg) and HIV-1 р24.
The Imbian standalone immunochip kits for multiplex immunoassay were created using a unique patented technology. They are convenient and easy to use, affordable and have several advantages over other diagnostic methods. These benefits include:
Versatility — an ability to determine up to 10 markers in one test sample

High accuracy — a strong sensitivity and a high specificity confirmed in line with a classical ELISA, and built-in control samples allow user
to verify the integrity of results

Simplicity — a test version does not require a high skills

Autonomy — a complete kit for assay performance, no device needed as well as a power supply

Affordability — an average cost of antibodies detection to one infection is twice lower in comparison with standard ELISA

Velocity — a complete multiplex assay takes in average 35 - 75 minutes depending on the immunochip kit used

Informative value — a possibility of both visual and semi-quantitative instrumental recording of results

Flexibility — the ability to perform both individual and group analyses
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