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Production of IMBIAN Group is located in "Science City" in the Koltsovo work settlement of
Novosibirsk Region, and its included in the list of residents of the Research and manufacturing
complex. The manufacture site is located in the close proximity to the State Scientific Center for
Strategic Research "Vector", NPK KATREN JSC, Koltsovo Biotechnopark, Angioline Intervention
Device LLC, SFM Pharm LLC, BIOKOR LLC and other federal research and production facilities.
The entire cycle of the production and quality control of ELISA, PCR kits and multiplex test systems based on protein matrices (immunochips) is carried out on the manufacture site of IMBIAN Group.

The basis of the Koltsovo Research and Production Complex is the scientific and practical support
against global biological threats. Promising developments of the IMBIAN Group allow us to bring to a new highly qualified level of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of many infectious diseases.
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